Recommendation for 1000BASE-SX card?

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Sat Jun 3 15:48:10 PDT 2006

>Its easy enough for commercial companies to fix
>the bugs if they need to use the broadcom
>drivers. There's just little incentive to donate
>the code back with this bunch of rude,
>incompetent clowns that have become the FreeBSD
>micky mouse club.

I don't think it's that being the problem.  I
the problem is that the engineers at places like
HP and
ASUS and such, know perfectly well the Broadcom
and the
Realtek and the other cheapo-crappy ethernet
are garbage.  But, I think they figure that they
are not
going to throw expensive programming time on
solving the
problems of those chips in software.  I think
they spend
the expensive programming time on their high-end
gear, which
has the Intel chipset and the other good stuff,
high end
parts in it.

There was a time when name brand companies like
Dell, HP
Gateway, Micron, etc. etc. made 2 lines of
Cheapo crappy desktop gear, and expensive high
server gear.

What I think ruined it is too many people
pressing cheapo
crappy desktop gear into use as servers, it was
into the high-end server market in a big way. 
So, the
Dell's and the HP's of the world realized they
needed to
create server lines (and the motherboard
realized this too with motherboard lines) that
were marketed
as servers, but were a lot cheaper than their
high end
servers.  This would allow them to package the
exact same
crappy desktop parts in a box marked as a
"server" and
costing twice as much, yet not as much as the
really good
quality server gear.  And so that is what is
going on
these days.

Ok, well we've blown the yahoo buffer so I have
to crop.

I'm not sure that its those corporate monsters
making a conscious effort to rip people off. The
market is uneducated. Managers at those companies
don't know anything, and the engineers that
design MBs are asian robots that just do
schematics and make the chips work. People
selecting products today are not engineers and
have no idea now to test hardware; heck even Matt
Dillon admits that he doesn't understand how the
PCI bus works, and he's trying to design an
operating system. Doesn't care either. Its all
about the CPU. Which is silly, since putting a
big, honking CPU on a box with a bad chipset or a
cheap NIC devalues the CPU to the point that you
might as well just get something cheap. Virtually
no-one has any clue about the performance of
their box. People are willing to spend any amount
on their MB and CPU, and they they'll go out and
buy a realtek ethernet card, or a 32-bit gig card
to save a few $$$. Its mindless. Its so mindless
I can't believe it. And even if you explain it to
them, they still don't understand. Its like a
bunch of women buying clothes. Costs more, must
be better. Its just crazy.


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