Does FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE support the 8237R?

Scott Hiemstra shiemstra at
Fri Jun 2 09:17:30 PDT 2006

> Did you say you are running a server? That MB is
> only suitable for desktop use, as it has the
> slowest ethernet controller known to man on a
> 32/33Mhz bus. Running this MB as a server is like
> putting cheap, skinny tires on  your porsche.
> DT

Personaly, I appreciate your dedication to maximum performance but please
notice this thread is in reference to swapping a MB for another MB and
coments like yours are not appreciated.

Would you prefer if I had stated?

"I have the same board in a crappy server running 4.11 (FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE
#0) and no problems to report."

Please notice I never said what the box was doing nor did I ask for your
opinion of what MB/NIC I use in my systems.  This SERVER is purpose built
and runs stable 24/7 as a low volume outbound mail server so the performance
of the NIC is not my primary concern.  Please keep your useless comments to
yourself as they do nothing but waste disk space, CPU time and the valuable
time of people who attempt to help others on this list.


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