limiting apache thru login.conf ?

Charlie Root freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Jun 2 05:42:06 PDT 2006

Frank Bonnet <f.bonnet at> writes:

> I'm in troubles with a webmail using apache ( squirrelmail )
> that seems to eat a lot of ressources of the machine then
> really slowing it down.
> Does anyone has tried to limit ressources "eaten" by apache
> using the /etc/login.conf file for the www user ?
> The launching script use the /usr/bin/limits command
> but there is no special entry for the www user in login.conf
> file .

You could always create one, but I don't think it would help your case
very much.  There's no guarantee that squirrelmail's usage would be
the part that got curbed.  As a programmer, I would be more inclined
to find and fix the problem.  Short of that, periodically restarting
the server would be the obvious approach.  

Using limits would help keep other (presumably more critical?)
processes from being harmed by Apache's excesses...

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