RELENG_6 on HP ProLiant ML 350 G4p

lars lars at
Tue Jan 31 13:31:47 PST 2006

Albert Shih <shih at> wrote:
> Sorry my english is not very good. I don't understand you problem.
> If you want have two raid volume under you Smart Array there are no problem
> to FreeBSD to use it. 
> Don't forget with a scsi card (raid or not) it's the scsi controller to
> inform the OS what disk you have. It's not the OS. Then if you OS (like
> FreeBSD) have right driver to use your SmartArray there no problem.
Ok, just as I wished for.

I was just not sure whether FreeBSD had any issues with this
particular machine's controller or not.
The controller (Smart Array 642) seems to be supported according
to the ciss man-page.

Do you have this controller or the new 6-port SATA controller
(chipset unspecified) that comes with this machine?

> But don't forget if you use FreeBSD under ML serie (like me) you can not
> use the HP linux software to manage (and watching) your hardware.
No problem, I think I'd do that via iLO or something like that.

> Regards.

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