RELENG_6 on HP ProLiant ML 350 G4p

Albert Shih shih at
Tue Jan 31 13:21:16 PST 2006

 Le 31/01/2006 à 12:18:46+0100, lars a écrit
> Hi all,
> I'm planning on getting a HP ProLiant ML350 G4p server
> (p for the iLO). Apparently this machine has a 
> Smart Array 641 controller for the SCSI HDDs.
> I'd like to set up a RAID1 volume for the OS and
> a RAID 5 volume for the data.
> I assume the RAID volumes can be set up via
> the RAID controller interface during the POST,
> I think it's called RBSU or something like that.
> I want to slice the RAID 1 volume for the OS
> with /, swap, /var, /tmp, /home and
> the RAID 5 volume with a /data slice.
> No gvinum or soft-RAID.
> I want to keep it as KISS as possible.
> Does FreeBSD recognize the two volumes as
> two disks and behave accordingly?
> Has anyone on this list successfully deployed
> a system in such a way?
> Or do you have any suggestion to improve on this idea of setup?

Sorry my english is not very good. I don't understand you problem.

If you want have two raid volume under you Smart Array there are no problem
to FreeBSD to use it. 

Don't forget with a scsi card (raid or not) it's the scsi controller to
inform the OS what disk you have. It's not the OS. Then if you OS (like
FreeBSD) have right driver to use your SmartArray there no problem.

But don't forget if you use FreeBSD under ML serie (like me) you can not
use the HP linux software to manage (and watching) your hardware.


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