engineh4u engineh4u engineh4u at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 31 10:33:25 PST 2006

 I am a FreeBSD user from 6 months now. Getting from linux to FreeBSD it was easy 
 but I still use linux for certain aplications.
 Probably on the desktop side of the operating system i do miss a few applications from linux such as: kphonetools, xfsamba, the installation of kde-meta applications one by one rather than a whole block, the flash from macromedia etc.
 Well to be honest I would like FreeBSD to have the same number of ports as Gentoo Linux on the desktop side of the operating system. There are so many people out there who switch distros because they want something more stable and with as many as possible applications.
 According to my research people stick to a distro because of the following reasons:
   Variety of different programs to run   
   Newer and updated software regularly. 
 Probably having it's own port rather than a linux port for the same software such as bsd firefox and linux firefox.
 I hope this helps on the spread of the distro.
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