Question about synchronizing source tree with cvsup

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Jan 31 06:15:53 PST 2006

Jose Borquez wrote:
> I would like to synchronize a server which I did a minimal install.  I
> would like to customize the stable-supfile so as not to download
> unneeded files.  I would like to know what options I need to include
> from the following to do a source sync of only the essential files:

If you want to rebuild the world, basicly, you shouldn't exclude *anything*.

Oh, it's possible that excluding games and setting NO_GAMES in /etc/make.conf
would work, but mostly attempting to do so just results in missing dependencies
for the base system.

If you're targetting very small form-factor machines, say a 128MB compact flash
card, you might want to look into NetBSD instead of FreeBSD.


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