Ports collection via portupgrade

Duane Whitty duane at greenmeadow.ca
Mon Jan 30 18:01:17 PST 2006

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pass on how I've had so 
much success using portupgrade to 
install new software under FreeBSD 6.0

I build my previous installations into 
packages and backup them up to the 
location specified by 
(which I never remember but have it set 
in root's shell env. anyway)

I just installed the native Flash plugin 
for Mozilla which works great.

#portupgrade -bNr flashplugin-mozilla

I love portupgrade's "globbing".  Can't 
use it blindly but almost.

I'd love to hear what other users are 
having good success with for this or 
other tasks.

Best Regards,

--Duane Whitty

duane at greenmeadow.ca

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