Is there a how-to super-page for FreeBSD?

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at
Sat Jan 28 00:53:23 PST 2006

On 1/28/06, Xn Nooby <xnooby at> wrote:
> There are several websites people have put together for Ubuntu that show
> every little step for configuring Ubuntu, is there such a page for FreeBSD?
> For example, tonight I installed Firefox, and wanted to install Acrobat,
> Flash, Realplayer, and Java.  I was able to find Acrobat and Flash by using
> Google (the solution was at  Realplayer and Java I still
> need to find.
> Here is an example of a really useful Ubuntu page:
> The "Add-On Applications" is especially useful for people who have just done
> an install, and want their machine to be a "desktop" machine.
> It just seems like the only way to find out things for FreeBSD is to ask on
> the lists, or Google a list archive.  It would be really great if there was
> a "super-page" that had all the common add-ons.  I use Fluxbox instead of
> GNOME or KDE, so  I prefer generic solutions.
> I've been keeping notes as I play with FreeBSD, and will eventually put up
> such a page if no one beats me to it.  I'm still a FreeBSD nooby though, so
> it might take me a while.  There are some people here that bascially know
> how to do everything with FreeBSD, I guess I'm hoping they will put
> something together (or maybe help me).
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This will not answer your question, but it's what one should
clearly understand when he goes on to FreeBSD.

The spirit of this OS makes howtos seem like a not very
good thing. A howto takes you by your hand and leads
you through a difficult process. You get some glimpses
of how to do some small things, you can even gain
experience through following a howto, but you'll never get
a solid understanding of how things work.

Now a true FreeBSDer is avid for profound comprehension
of technology. He usually prefers reading some 500 pages
of documentation when he only needs a paragraph to
finish a job. And he often appreciates a reference to a
good manual more than a direct answer or explanation.
When he's doing something he knows what he's doing and
how to do it. [I really hope I speak for most of us]

The "howto way" often makes me feel unpleasant about
some linux-related activities. People there often act like
"Oh look, it works. Don't touch it! Leave well alone!"

my $.02

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