ppp and pf interacting badly?

Peter petermatulis at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 27 16:12:24 PST 2006

--- cpghost <cpghost at cordula.ws> wrote:

> Hello,
> has anyone else seen this strange interaction between
> (user-)ppp and pf (on RELENG_6)?
> When configuring tun0 as external interface in pf.conf,
> pf won't start when booting, because ppp has not yet had
> time to initialize tun0. Result is, that pf is then
> disabled (!).
> After booting, calling
> /etc/rc.d/pf start
> manually works well though, since tun0 is now there
> and pf can initialize.
> Am I the only one seeing this happen?
> Is there any way to tell pf startup script to wait for ppp
> until all needed interfaces have really come up?

>From the OpenBSD 3.8 manpage (should be good for you):

Host name resolution and interface to address translation are done
at ruleset load-time.  When the address of an interface (or host
name) changes (under DHCP or PPP, for instance), the ruleset must
be reloaded for the change to be reflected in the kernel.  Sur-
rounding the interface name (and optional modifiers) in parentheses
changes this behaviour.  When the interface name is surrounded by
parentheses, the rule is automatically updated whenever the inter-
face changes its address.  The ruleset does not need to be reload-
ed.  This is especially useful with nat.



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