truss and procfs strange problem.

Proniewski Patrick patrick.proniewski at
Fri Jan 27 05:07:37 PST 2006

On 26 janv. 06, at 23:33, Dan Nelson wrote:

>> in that case, the command issued as a truss argument (ls, ...) is
>> stuck in state "D". `man ps` says it "Marks a process in disk (or
>> other short term, uninterruptible) wait."
>> these process wont be killed, I'll have to reboot. (procctl won't
>> clear the processes...)
> You can continue tracing these processes if you run "truss -p <pid>",
> since that's pretty much what they're waiting for :)

you are right, thanks.

Apart from that, I've recompiled my system from 5.4p8 to 5.4p10, and  
the problem is still here...

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