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Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Wed Jan 25 14:13:03 PST 2006

James Munro wrote:
> I'm a bit of a new user to BSD from Windows/Linux.  But I recently went thru the 5.4 version installer and was pleased at how simple it was to install the Apache web server thru the sysinstall menus.  After reinstalling with 6.0 I was surprised to find that apache wasn't an option from this menu.  
>   Any ideas if this is an omission or intentional?  I would think a webserver would definitely be included in the basic config.  

Lots of things that are very, very popular and/or useful are not in 
the base system, for lots of good reasons. This is no great hardship 
though, since things are usually quite easy to add on later.

In the past you were probably using the installer feature that lets 
you add 3rd party ported software packages to the base system 
immediately after the base OS is installed. I wasn't aware that the 
prompt for package add-ons had been removed from the installer 
script for 6.0, but I could be wrong. Perhaps you just missed it?

I've a feeling the Handbook may need some updating with regard to 
screen shots but generally what you should have seen is described in 
part 2.9.14 of the Handbook 

In any case, the cure is simple if you elected to install the 
framework for the ports collection. Simply

pkg_add -r apache

If you did not install the ports framework when prompted to do so, 
then you will have to configure cvsup or portsnap and sync your 
ports tree before adding apache (or, reinstall and install the ports 
tree and apache during install).

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