IPsec, VPN and FreeBSD

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Tue Jan 24 17:18:11 PST 2006

gahn wrote:

>We intend to build IPSec based VPN server on FreeBSD
>platform so that we can access internal network of a
>lab. The remote side will use VPN client and could be
>from anywhere of the Internet, or may be from the
>another site of the company. From the hnadbook, I saw
>the sample of site-to-site configurations and we do
>have one FreeBSD firewall (running ipfw) on both site
>and another one on another site (both have firewalls
>on them), can we do that?  Also what about the
>client-server model? What kind of clients do we need
>in order to connect to the FreeBSD/IPsec/VPN? Any
>tips/information for the configuration of the
>clients/server model on internet?
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.
there are almost too many options to mention..

however you should be able to implement pptp
tunnels (as used on windows) using mpd (in ports)
alternatively there is always ssh or ipsec.
(or a combination of them)

If as you suggest, both ends are freebsd, then I've used mpd over ssh 
with great effect.
use the 'tcp transport' option of mpd and connect it through an ssh tunnel.

is the 'client' roaming or at a fixed address? if a fixed address then 
ipsec becomes easier.

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