[GENERAL] Problems with pgsql 8.0.4 & freebsd 6: partially solved

Tom Lane tgl at sss.pgh.pa.us
Tue Jan 24 07:24:17 PST 2006

Vittorio <vdemart1 at tin.it> writes:
> FATAL:  XX000: failed to initialize lc_messages to ""
> LOCATION:  InitializeGUCOptions, guc.c:3699

We've seen that reported before, on more than one platform (I recall
hearing about it on OS X, for instance).  But no one's ever been able
to explain what causes it.  It's interesting to hear that a full
database reinstall made it go away for you, but that was certainly
overkill.  Do you have the time to experiment with the locale settings
and see if you can identify the difference between the cases where it
happens and those where it doesn't?

> After many attempts I discovered that the problem was connected to the
> "setenv LC_ALL it_IT.ISO_8859-1" I had introduced in /usr/local/pgsql/.cshrc

Do you have any other LC_xxx variables set?  How about LANG?  Is that
string still a valid locale name on your updated platform?

			regards, tom lane

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