Post-Install update steps?

Xn Nooby xnooby at
Mon Jan 23 21:52:56 PST 2006

After having spent a lot time waiting for my ports to build, I'm getting
interested in packages.  Apparently there is not a package for every port.
These commands fail:

   pkg_add -r xine
   pkg_add -r gqview

while this one works

   pkg_add -r subversion

Is there an easy way to tell what packages are available?  I assume the
available packages are a subset of the available ports, probably just the
most popular ones.  Or are they all supposed to be available?


On 1/23/06, Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> wrote:
> Xn Nooby wrote:
> > Hi Kevin,
> >
> > Thank your for the thoughtful reply, I will be going through it
> > thoroughly later tonight.  One thing that caught my eye was
> > something I've never fully understood - the relationship between
> > packages and source.  I know some people use the precompiled
> > packages, especially for big things like KDE and Gnome.  If you
> > use those packages, and you later rebuild your world - do those
> > packages get compiled?  It would seem like you could run in to
> > conflicts if you had some software that was pre-compiled and
> > others that were built from source.  I try to always build from
> > source to avoid such issues.  Or perhaps you install te KDE
> > package, but later want to build from source to utilize some
> > optimnal compiler settings.
> >
> > Does FreeBSD rebuild packages when you try to rebuild "everything"?
> >
> > thanks!
> >
> Rebuilding your 3rd party "ports/packages" is a seperate operation.
> If I remember your original mail, you got into that at the very bottom.
> "make world" and friends only update the "base system".
> As to the "differences between packages and source", there
> aren't many.  If you have the ports tree installed, you can find
> this out yourself --- cd into something, say /usr/ports/editors/nano,
> and type "make package" as root.  You'll do exactly what the
> FreeBSD package building cluster does, only on a scale of one
> instead of 14000+.
> Packages are pre-compiled ports.  If you install a current set
> of packages when you install FreeBSD, you can then use a
> portupgrade-type tool to upgrade them.  You can tell the tool
> to compile fresh, or to simply fetch new (pre-built) packages.
> It's up to you.
> Now, your last 2 sentences are insightful, and a reason to
> use "ports" instead of packages after a machine is "up and
> running".  However, in installation, I'd see little wrong with
> using pkg_add to get going more quickly, and then set the
> box up to recompile stuff on nights or weekends....
> --
> Dr. Livingston?
> Dr. Livingston I. Presume?

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