Post-Install update steps?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Jan 23 09:24:02 PST 2006

Xn Nooby wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> Thank your for the thoughtful reply, I will be going through it
> thoroughly later tonight.  One thing that caught my eye was
> something I've never fully understood - the relationship between
> packages and source.  I know some people use the precompiled
> packages, especially for big things like KDE and Gnome.  If you
> use those packages, and you later rebuild your world - do those
> packages get compiled?  It would seem like you could run in to
> conflicts if you had some software that was pre-compiled and
> others that were built from source.  I try to always build from
> source to avoid such issues.  Or perhaps you install te KDE
> package, but later want to build from source to utilize some
> optimnal compiler settings.  
> Does FreeBSD rebuild packages when you try to rebuild "everything"?
> thanks!

Rebuilding your 3rd party "ports/packages" is a seperate operation.

If I remember your original mail, you got into that at the very bottom. 
"make world" and friends only update the "base system".

As to the "differences between packages and source", there
aren't many.  If you have the ports tree installed, you can find
this out yourself --- cd into something, say /usr/ports/editors/nano,
and type "make package" as root.  You'll do exactly what the
FreeBSD package building cluster does, only on a scale of one
instead of 14000+.

Packages are pre-compiled ports.  If you install a current set
of packages when you install FreeBSD, you can then use a
portupgrade-type tool to upgrade them.  You can tell the tool
to compile fresh, or to simply fetch new (pre-built) packages.
It's up to you.

Now, your last 2 sentences are insightful, and a reason to
use "ports" instead of packages after a machine is "up and
running".  However, in installation, I'd see little wrong with
using pkg_add to get going more quickly, and then set the
box up to recompile stuff on nights or weekends....


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