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Vincent Chen vctw at
Mon Jan 23 06:37:18 PST 2006

Hi, all

I have tried to build a security applicance based on FreeBSD 4.7 since 2001.
Which contains:

central syslog server (syslogd)
ntp sevice (ntpd)
dhcp server (dhcpd)
dns (bind)

IPSec (ipsec-tools)
PPTP (mpd)

firewall (ipfilter)
traffic shape (ALTQ)
IDS (snort)

Utilization monitor (MRTG)

Web console including
1. report system for firewall, ids, system
2. configuration interface for some sub-system (not actually working yet)

Recently, I upgraded this appliance to FreeBSD 6.0. Now I got:

* a new list of required package
* a custom kernel configuration file for 6.0
* collection of my custom packages (mostly perl based)

Old web pages for this appliance avaliable here:

Some code are broken after upgrade to 6.0. A document to put them all togather
is not completed yet. I plan to start a open source project base on current
resource and the goal is to build a small and compact FreeBSD security
appliance, most importantly cost effective. The first step is starting a close
test before release it to public and discuss how to proceed. If you are FreeBSD
power user and interested, you are welcome to contact me and receive a copy of
current work. Any suggestions are always welcome.

Vincent Chen

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