3com mini-pci modem

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Your internal PCI modem maybe a winmodem and
native FreeBSD does not support this.

Internal modems are manufactured for two target markets, MS/Windows
every thing else. Winmodems are cheep because the hardware
function is handled by the software you have to install into
This hardware controller function is contained in a chip on the
circuit board. Winmodems are missing this chip and have a
chip that directs the modem to use driver software running in the
windows system to perform the controller function. The most common
replacement chip is manufactured by Lucent. There are many versions
this Lucent chip each version needing a different software driver

Up until version 4.4, FBSD did not have any solution to using
Winmodems, but with the release of 4.4 the ports collection contains
the  "Linux Winmodem 'ltmdm' driver" which was ported to FBSD.
This port is very poorly documented, only works with a limited
number of Lucent chip version, and is unreliable.  Your whole
connection is managed by your modem and trying to shoe horn a modem
specially manufactured for the MS/Windows operating system into FBSD
is not the way to achieve a satisfactory dialup connection.

To summarize.
For the FBSD newbe who does not know how to install a
port, should use an external serial modem for connecting their FBSD
to the internet. This method works using the default generic kernel,
creates no irq conflicts with the motherboard bios, and will work
out of the box so to say. All serial modems use the PC's serial
controller built into the motherboard. This has been the standard
PCs first came out

Trying to use a PCI internal winmodem and the Linux Winmodem 'ltmdm'
driver port is not easy. The 'ltmdm' driver port installations
instructions are so inadequate as to make it darn near imposable to
the ltmdm port working on your modem.

Its up to you if you want to try the ltmdm port, but using am
modem is a sure thing.

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Hi all,

For the next couple of weeks I will be with my DELL c810 laptop at a
where I can only have 56k connection to the internet. :(

My laptop has a 3com mini-pci modem (combo with a 3com 10/100

Well in the past I tried to make this device working, but since I
broadband, I had no problems running FreeBSD and connecting through
the NIC
so I had forgotten about it.
I have asked people with knowledge and told me you cannot connect
internal modems (or at least it is hard) so it is better if you get
external one. Is this right??

In order to send you output like dmesg or pciconf -lv or anything
else I
will have to write them down or use a floppy or something else to
to windows which I am using now...You see, if I cannot make the
modem to
work I cannot connect to the internet using FreeBSD.
But I will do if is needed.

Any help??

Spiros Papadopoulos

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