3com mini-pci modem

Spiros Papadopoulos spap at avrolymos.com
Sat Jan 21 02:57:13 PST 2006

Hi all,

For the next couple of weeks I will be with my DELL c810 laptop at a place
where I can only have 56k connection to the internet. :(

My laptop has a 3com mini-pci modem (combo with a 3com 10/100 Ethernet

Well in the past I tried to make this device working, but since I got
broadband, I had no problems running FreeBSD and connecting through the NIC
so I had forgotten about it.
I have asked people with knowledge and told me you cannot connect with
internal modems (or at least it is hard) so it is better if you get an
external one. Is this right??

In order to send you output like dmesg or pciconf -lv or anything else I
will have to write them down or use a floppy or something else to transfer
to windows which I am using now...You see, if I cannot make the modem to
work I cannot connect to the internet using FreeBSD.
But I will do if is needed.

Any help??

Spiros Papadopoulos 

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