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Mark Kane mark at
Fri Jan 20 09:32:25 PST 2006

Vayu wrote:
> I just did my first install, so far so good.  I've got KDE running.  I
> know how to play around with xorg.conf and got my screen resolution
> matching my monitor.  My network is working to the router.  Now I would
> like to get my graphics and sound cards working.

Hi, and welcome to FreeBSD :)

> Where can I find out about getting an nVidia driver installed (I have a
> 6600GT)?

For this, install the nvidia-driver from ports and then read the
instructions displayed at the end of the install to know how to load it.
Then, I personally just followed these instructions and loaded it into
my X config manually:

> Where can I find out about getting my sound card working (sound blaster
> Audigy 2)?  Right now I get no sounds anywhere in KDE.

I use an Audigy 2 Platinum and it works great. You can either load a
kernel module for the sound driver or compile it into your kernel. Here
are the instructions on how to do either:

The sound driver for your card is the snd_emu10k1 so that first example
for loading it as a module and then adding it into loader.conf should
work for you.

Also, since you're running KDE, you'll need to take a couple steps
there. I have not used KDE in a while, but I remember having some
problems getting sound to work when I initially started using FreeBSD as
a desktop. The problem was I didn't realize that KDE took over the sound
 with it's "aRtsd". So once you have sound working in FreeBSD and if it
still doesn't work while in KDE, then look throughout the KDE options
for a KDE mixer and make sure all the levels are up (on the "Input" tab
too if they still have that).

> How can trace my permission errors when I try to access my CD player in
> KDE?  (All I know about so far is to add myself to the wheel group to
> get su)

For this problem, try setting the permissions on your CD drive. Check
out "man devfs.conf" or this online man page for more info:

> Is there a good source of HowTos anywhere?

The handbook answers quite a few questions about setting things up and
is a great tool. Also searching the mailing list archives and/or Google
usually turns up quite a bit.


> Any help would be appreciated
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