Post install help

Vayu vayu at
Thu Jan 19 23:51:03 PST 2006

I just did my first install, so far so good.  I've got KDE running.  I 
know how to play around with xorg.conf and got my screen resolution 
matching my monitor.  My network is working to the router.  Now I would 
like to get my graphics and sound cards working.

Where can I find out about getting an nVidia driver installed (I have a 

Where can I find out about getting my sound card working (sound blaster 
Audigy 2)?  Right now I get no sounds anywhere in KDE.

How can trace my permission errors when I try to access my CD player in 
KDE?  (All I know about so far is to add myself to the wheel group to 
get su)

Is there a good source of HowTos anywhere?

Any help would be appreciated

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