FreeBSD vs Linux

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>> >  Microsoft pays hardware manufacturers to
>> > make drivers for their OS,
>> I seriously doubt it. They don't need to with
>> their market share.
>Ok, what do you guys live in a shoe or something?
>For pete's sake, how can so many people be so
>patently clueless and still be able to find food
>and shelter? Do you really have no idea how
>things work? Are you really so brainwashed by the
>geeky liberals that you have lost your ability to
>MS doesn't have to "pay" vendors, you toad.
>Vendors write drivers for windows because the
>market is substantial 

Actually, it's a lot worse than that, most times.

The vendors usually aren't the ones that write drivers,
it is the chipset manufacturers that usually write a
stock driver that they supply with the chipset, with the
idea that the vendor is supposed to use this as an
example of how the chipset it to be handled when they
write their own driver.  All to often, though, the vendor
merely repackages the chipset manufacturer's example

>Vendors don't write drivers for freebsd because:
>1) the market is too small
>2) Some don't want to release source, as they'll
>lose more to taiwanese cloners than they will
>make selling to 'nix users.
>3) X sucks, so why risk having people badmouth
>your cards?

Some of this is true but most of the reason is merely
that the chipset manufacturers don't write the drivers
so there's nothing for the vendor to repackage.  And
the chipset manufacturers only write a single driver
for the largest OS in market share simply because their
customers (the card vendors) won't buy the chipsets if
an example driver doesen't exist, and to the chipset
manufacturer, every single scrap of time spent writing
a driver is wasted effort, whether the driver is for
Windows or some other OS.

If you actually go out and buy decent quality hardware
that costs more money, where the vendors do in fact just
use the chipset maker-supplied driver as a base to work
from, you will find drivers for lots of different non-Windows
operating systems.  But you won't find that hardware in
the bargin bin at Fry's.


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