Help backing up to networked drive

Mike Loiterman mike at
Thu Jan 19 10:43:08 PST 2006

For those that are interested this is how got things to work:

On the Mac Mini I edited /etc/smb.conf and put in this:

     path = /Volumes/Server-Backup
     writeable = yes

Then I restarted Windows File Sharing by going to System
Preferences->Sharing and then turning off Windows File Sharing and then
turning it back on.

Then, on my server, I mounted the Mini's drive with this command:

/usr/sbin/mount_smbfs //mike at mini/backup /mnt/backup

Now I'm using this script to do a level 0 dump:

/sbin/dump 0aufL - / | bzip2 >/mnt/backup/root-dump-l0.bz2 
/sbin/dump 0aufL - /tmp | bzip2 >/mnt/backup/tmp-dump-l0.bz2 
/sbin/dump 0aufL - /usr | bzip2 >/mnt/backup/usr-dump-l0.bz2 
/sbin/dump 0aufL - /var | bzip2 >/mnt/backup/var-dump-l0.bz2 

Once I see that this is working well, I'll probably set up folders for a
weekly level 0 and dailys level 9's.

Thanks to Chuck for the hint on adding the drive in the Mini's smb.conf

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