Help backing up to networked drive

Mike Loiterman mike at
Thu Jan 19 08:17:38 PST 2006

Mike Loiterman <mailto:mike at> wrote:
> I would like to backup my server to a firewire drive
> connected to a Macintosh Mini. Both machines are on my local
> network and, of course, behind a secure firewall.
> Right now I'm using this script to take backups:
> #!/bin/sh
>  /sbin/dump -0uanL -f - / | gzip -2 | ssh -c blowfish
> mike at dd of=/Volumes/Server-Backup/dump-root.gz && \
>  /sbin/dump -0uanL -f - /tmp | gzip -2 | ssh -c blowfish
> mike at dd of=/Volumes/Server-Backup/dump-tmp.gz && \
>  /sbin/dump -0uanL -f - /usr | gzip -2 | ssh -c blowfish
> mike at dd of=/Volumes/Server-Backup/dump-usr.gz && \
>  /sbin/dump -0uanL -f - /var | gzip -2 | ssh -c blowfish
> mike at dd of=/Volumes/Server-Backup/dump-var.gz
> This is working fine, but I have to run the script mannually
> and enter the password.
> So my question are these:
> 1.  Is there any other way of doing this so that I would not
> have to deal with the password issue from ssh?  This is all
> taking place behind a secure firewall on my local network, so
> ssh is probably not necessary.
> 2.  How can I use samba to mount the Mini's drive?
> mount_smbfs would only see the home share belonging to the
> user I was logging in with and not the /Volume directory on
> the Mac.  Sym-links from the users /home to /Volumes didn't
> work correctly.  How can I access the drives in /Volumes via samba?

Actually, I take it back.  The original script doesn't work.

dd gives an error when I try to backup /usr saying that the file is too dies at 4GB.

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