no one here use restore/dump?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jan 19 01:35:17 PST 2006

>> nobody here do backups of their systems? strange?!
> I backup and restore using those self-named tools on a variety of DLT and 4mm 
> DAT tape drives.  4mm DDS DAT kinda sucks, and they are super-sensitive to 
> being cleaned a lot.
i'm using DVD+RW discs. after doing dvd+rw-format for a first time, it 
could be used directly (as /dev/acd1) for dump but blocksize must be 32 
and -B 4590208 must be entered.

> Did you have a more specific question...?
yes - i did before.

i have problems with restore. dump is about 60GB and 1.5 million files.

two problems when doing restore -rvf /device

1) after extracting all directory listing it starts to do "Make node..."

but after some of it done, it starts to take 100% CPU and work for about 1 
hour on PII/400 before finishing it.

eventually it finishes, so it's not such a big problem

2) after restoring 7 volumes, at 8-th volume it tried to prepend ? to 
every pathname extracted so it resulted in error unable to create.
doing ln -s \? . and restarting restore from 8-th volume worked and i was 
able to finish things.

why restore failed? and how to dump without fear!

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