64 Bit Questions

Albert Shih shih at math.jussieu.fr
Wed Jan 18 15:56:22 PST 2006

 Le 18/01/2006 à 17:40:00-0500, Anthony Dematteo a écrit
> I have a couple questions about the AMD64 Project.
> 1.  They page mentions that there is multiprocessor support.  Does
> this include the dual core processors?  Will the OS dispatch processes
> and threads to each core?

I only can answer this question :

I've try to install FreeBSD 6.0-Release AMD64 on dual opteron 275 (dual core).

Everething work fine and we have 4 proc in the OS. 

Unfortunaly I do not have the chance to launch 4 big process to see the
thread performance. For example I known on dual-core PowerPC Apple
	time(4 x proccess)=time(1x process) [For the same process of course)


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