64 Bit Questions

Anthony Dematteo adematteo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 14:40:02 PST 2006

I have a couple questions about the AMD64 Project.

1.  They page mentions that there is multiprocessor support.  Does
this include the dual core processors?  Will the OS dispatch processes
and threads to each core?

2.  While the OS will use the 64 bit mode, will the applications still
run in the compatibly mode?  Will the applications still only use 32

3. Also, will the OS take advantage of being 64 bit and load itself
into memory higher than the 32 bit addressable mark so that my 32 bit
applications can use the lower part?

4. If I enable 64 bit compilation on GCC prior to installing a port,
will the port then be 64 bit enabled?

5. If I stall an IDE and write my own applications on a 64 bit
machine, can a 32 bit machine still run them?

Thank you in advance for your response and time.

Anthony DeMatteo

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