trouble installing new printer

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Wed Jan 18 02:05:24 PST 2006

Hi Ivan,

  OK I hope this isn't going to sound to nasty but I'm going to
say it anyway.

  Did it ever occur to you that it might have been a better idea to
post to the mailing list and ask what a good printer to buy would
be BEFORE buying this printer?  There are websites specifically that are set up for this - your Canon
isn't even listed on that one.  Why - because nobody buys Canon
printers that use them under FreeBSD or Linux - and the reason is
pretty clearly stated on this page here:

"...There are few good free software drivers for Canon and Lexmark
inkjets. Do not buy one and expect success..."

  In short, you gave your money to a company that hasn't lifted a finger
to support any Open Source operating systems - and you didn't give your
money to a printer manufacturer who has spent money supporting Open
Source operating systems.  Now, please explain how doing this is going
to encourage more support of Open Source operating systems by printer

  Also one other thing - according to this website:

  your printer is no longer in production.  If you just bought this
printer you got it from a closeout bargain basement dealer for a
cheap closeout price.  It is not like you have a lot of money invested
in this printer, then.

  My advice to you is you need to treat this as a fairly cheap but
important lesson on purchasing computer peripherals.  I would also
point out that just about all inkjet printers are designed as devices
that force the user to spend a lot of money on inkjet cartridges.
Your cost per page from this printer will be -far higher- than that
of a decent laser printer, and if you do any amount of black and
white printing your going to save money if you get a black and white
printer and save the bubble jet for printing color, only.  Even a
dot-matrix would be far cheaper.

  Beyond this the only other thing I can offer you is that if you are
using the parallel port to the printer you might try the USB port
instead.  I can't guarantee it will work at all, but USB is faster
than parallel.  a LOT faster.


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>Hi all,
>my previous (and still unanswered) message was:
>I just bought a Canon i865 yesterday. This is my first printer
>install on
>FreeBSD. I, of course, followed the steps described in the
>handbook. But when
>running the really simple 'lptest > /dev/lpt0' command, nothing
>excepted the flashing light on the printer.
>The flashing time is depending of the job size, i.e. the light
>is flashing
>longer with lptest > /dev/lpt0 than with lptest 20 5 > /dev/lpt0.
>I decided to go a bit firther and configured /etc/printcap, and
>activated the lf
>And running lptest 20 5 | lpr -Pmy-printer gave again the same result.
>I tried many research on the net but could not find anything
>useful. I am now
>installing apsfilter but ask you for some help during the
>compilation process.
>Thank you.
>So now I installed apsfilter and had to choose a driver. I
>tested Canon BJC-800
>and two or three from the BJC-8200 (said mostly compatible).
>Ok, I got a printed output, but my printers needs approx. 5
>minutes for a simple
>plain text page. That is quite painfuly slow, isn't it ?
>I even tried the turboprint driver, but got nothing whith it.
>So at that point:
>- I can print
>- I can go to sleep for a whole week before getting one chapter from the
>handbook printed.
>Do you have anything to suggest to me ?
>Regards, Ivan
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