FreeBSD vs Linux

Tamouh H. hakmi at
Tue Jan 17 14:02:36 PST 2006

> Just get a different sound card.  There are lotsof
> inexpensive sounds cards that are probably supported by
> FreeBSD for just a few (10-30) $
> Btw, this problem happens with Windows, Mac OS X, etc as
> well.  I have been trying to put an extra USB/Firewire card
> in my G5, and they work, but with weird side effects like
> hanging IO.  My dad had some sound card issues on Windows
> with "supported" cards.
> Chad

Oh come on, I've been working with all Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

Getting a different card is not the solution. It is actually an absurd
suggestion which goes to prove further that Unix has not matured yet to
compete with Microsoft.

If you are looking for compatibility, Windows is the answer.

You are looking for security and stable releases, FreeBSD is the answer

If you are seeking *free* OS with largest compatibility, Linux is the answer

If you are seeking performance, FreeBSD is the answer.

Windows almost runs everything, FreeBSD is stable, good performance but it
is behind Linux when it comes to releasing drivers (example, zero-channel
RAID cards weren't supported until very recently and still not quite
official). The Linux OS has a much larger community than FreeBSD and hence
has more development in it.

In my opinion, I think the Unix world had missed the boat on trying to take
over MSFT. The new Windows coming out are as stable as the Unix servers.
With the Vista Windows, and a dramatic reduction of GUI, you can expect much
better OS.

Unix community simply did not get their act together and try to build an OS
for the masses. The main argument for Unix is it is "Free", but
compatibility and upgrade paths are different issues.

These are my two cents!


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