Problems with X11 Forwarding

Aaron Dalton aaron at
Sun Jan 15 09:53:15 PST 2006

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> If you have cygwin installed why use putty? Just fire up xterm and use
> ssh -X. You could try this too:

Thank you for your reply!  I tried that as well, but I get the same 
problems.  I set DISPLAY on my Cygwin to localhost:0.0 which does indeed 
allow me to start XTerm.  I do an ssh -X (and I tried -Y as well) but 
DISPLAY is still not set on the FreeBSD end.  I have now tried manually 
setting DISPLAY to (localhost:0.0, localhost:10.0, ip:0.0, ip:10.0) on 
the FreeBSD end and still nothing is working.  If I use ip:0.0 I get 
some router traffic, but nothing actually happens and then it just stops 
trying saying it could not open the display.  My XServer is indeed 
running (XWin -ac -multiwindow) as I can connect via a local CoLinux 
install just fine.

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