dhclient fixed leases

Maxim Vetrov muxas at mail.ru
Sun Jan 15 04:13:03 PST 2006

Erik Nørgaard wrote:

> Maxim Vetrov wrote:
>> I'm on 6.0 release. The "default" will not help - I have several 
>> networks without dhcpd. So 'default option routers;' will 
>> work only for one and fail for others.
> Well, in that case I have dificult seeing how fixed leases will help 
> you, how should dhclient choose which fixed lease to use? One fixed 
> lease or one default would work.

This is an excerpt from 'man dhclient.conf':

     "The DHCP client may decide after some period of time (see PROTOCOL
     TIMING) that it is not going to succeed in contacting a server.  At 
     time, it consults its own database of old leases and tests each one 
     has not yet timed out by pinging the listed router for that lease 
to see
     if that lease could work.  It is possible to define one or more fixed
     leases in the client configuration file for networks where there is no
     DHCP or BOOTP service, so that the client can still automatically 
     ure its address..."

I excluded other fixed lease declarations from my conf for clarity.


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