ndis.ko and if_ndis.ko not compiled during buildkernel

Przemysław Szczygielski qus2 at go2.pl
Sat Jan 14 00:07:11 PST 2006


I am setting up a wiereless network at home, using D-Link DWL-G520+ and
ndis wrapper (project Evil) on FreeBSD machine. It works great with
default FreeBSD 6.0 installation - no problems here, but I have to
compile IPSEC into kernel to get proper encryption. Unfortunately, new
kernel doesn't have ndis.ko and if_ndis.ko in /boot/kernel directory
(and old modules don't work with new kernel).

Yesterday I emailed Project Evil author and he claims ndis.ko and
if_ndis.ko should be rebuilt automatically by:

>Would it kill you do just do a regular kernel build?
># cd /sys/i386/conf
># config MYKERNEL
># cd /sys/i386/compile/MYKERNEL
># make
># make install
>Notice how all the kernel modules get compiled for you, including ndis.ko and
>if_ndis.ko. If you'd really read and understood that article, you would have
>realized that you don't need to rebuild them for each driver anymore. You
>just need to convert the .sys and .inf files with ndisgen. That's it.

Well - they don't get built (at least for me). Is anyone able to tell me how to
get these? (note: ndisgen generates only card driver, NOT ndis.ko and
if_ndis.ko!, also the old way won't work!)



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