Problem setting up PPPoE in Release 6.0

Rowdy rowdy at
Fri Jan 13 22:32:36 PST 2006

Barbara La-Scala wrote:
> I have a Netcomm NB1300 modem and a Realtek 8029 ethernet card and
> was successful at configuring PPPoE for this combination under R5.3.
> I've recently upgraded to R6.0 and cannot get things to work any
> more.
> I've played with all the options in the ppp.conf that looked relevant
>  (and several that didn't) and I've compiled the NETGRAPH stuff into
> my kernel but still no go.  I've googled but without success.  I've 
> tripled checked that I've got my username and password entered 
> correctly.  I know the modem is OK as I'm using it to post this 
> (hooked up to a laptop with Windoze).
> I'm reluctant to return to R5.3 as I'm enjoying having a working
> sound card.  However, I need internet access more.  Any help would be
>  greatly appreciated as I'm all out of ideas.
> Configuration details are below.
> Thanks Barbara

I have a similar setup: FreeBSD 6, Netcomm NB1300 Plus 4, Netspace.

Occasionally it fails to connect while waiting for carrier, as yours
seems to have done.  If I try to connect again, it usually succeeds.

I would suggest making a second attempt to connect, if that fails,
power cycle the modem and try again.

If it still won't connect, then there might be a bigger problem.

I also have option "set cd 10" in my ppp.conf that sets a 10 second
delay waiting for carrier (FreeBSD checks for carrier once per second
until timeout) - I don't know if that makes any difference.


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