subversion looking for libmysqlclient_r in the wrong path?

David Raison david at
Fri Jan 13 06:58:50 PST 2006

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Ok, I take it you people don't like my question?
Could you then be so kind and tell me to post my message to the bugs
mailinglist or simply tell me to stfw.
Simply some feedback would be very appreciated!


David Raison wrote:

> Hi folks,
> This is my first post to this mailing list, so please be kind :)
> I've tried installing subversion, but at some point of the
> compilation, I got an error message like:
> /usr/sbin/ld: cannot find -lmysqlclient_r
> I did a little research on the net and looked at gcc's output which
> stated that it was looking for the library in /usr/local/lib
> instead of /usr/local/lib/mysql, where all of the mysql librairies
> are. So I fixed the problem by symlinking the librairie into
> /usr/local/lib and subversion compiled alright.
> Now my question is.. (finally :) ) is that a bug with subversion or
> have I done something wrong during a portinstall process? Has
> somebody experienced the same kind of problem?
> cheers, David

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