Slightly OT, question about nvidia X driver & screensaver

Nathan Vidican nvidican at
Thu Jan 12 13:18:49 PST 2006

Have the nvidia driver installed on my laptop, it's running Linux/amd64... I'm a 
FreeBSD guy, and relatively new to linux. To be honest, not thrilled at all - 
but it works, hardware support for this thing under FreeBSD's just not there 
yet. So platform use aside, the problem should be fairly simple and the same fix 
on anything using nvidia's driver for x:

My screen blanks, there are no settings inside of X, inside the 
bios/power-management, or in kde, I even went so far as to disable power 
management entirely... the screen blanks (like power/screen saver) after a 
period of inactivity, really annoying. I havn't timed it, but figure it's at 
about 5 minutes. Someone had mentioned in an email on this list before how the 
nvidia driver gives them the ability to screensave/powersave a while back while 
talking about something else; I only vaguely remember the thread and havn't been 
able to find it searching the archives - but was hoping that if someone out 
there knows how it does it, perhaps someone else may know how to stop it.

So anyhow, my question is this: How do I make it stop? I don't want my laptop's 
screen to turn off - especially so when it's plugged into a/c power, often I'm 
reading an article and it blanks on me - course I can just move the mouse and 
things come back, but it is really annoying. Any ideas? Please no RTFM, I'm not 
a newbie over here - and I've been reading nvidia's documentation up and down 
and can't find anything on the subject (though I did manage to find a few other 
cool tweaks).

Nathan Vidican
nvidican at
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