Sound on Dell D600 laptop

Thu Jan 12 10:44:15 PST 2006


first do a 
#pciconf -lv  to find your card. I have a Latitude C810 and the card is a ESS Maestro PCI Audio (I think you have the same..) on a FreeBSD 5.4. Release. If these instructions are different somehow in FreeBSD 6.0 i would like to know it, please.
Then check the /boot/defaults/loader.conf file for the apropriate sound device for your system. The one also found in the output of pciconf -lv.
and add them in the /boot/loader.conf file which over writes what is in /boot/defaults/loader.conf 
I for example have the following two lines added:

restart the computer and try
#cat /dev/sndstat

..make sure if you are using kde to start kMix. It happened to me before that the volume was turned down.

Qing wrote:

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>	Has anyone successfully gotten the sound to >work
>	on the Dell D600 laptop running FreeBSD 6.0?
>	If you've done it, could you please share >your tricks
>	with me.

>	Thanks,

>	-- Qing
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