My script to replace strings in ASCII files

Parv parv at
Wed Jan 11 15:14:00 PST 2006

in message <200601112047.k0BKlObZ019514 at>,
wrote Jerry McAllister thusly...
> > Just curious, what do I need to do to be able to execute this
> > script like:
> > 
> > $ text-replace old_string new_string
> Check out tr(1).
> It does a good job of it with very simple rules.
> >             sed -i '' "s/old/new/g" "$file"

tr(1) takes a *set of characters* in a string, not the given string
as it is, to "translate characters" ..

  echo 'polka dot' | tr 'pol' 'x'

... in the OP's context, above should produce "xka dot" but produces
instead "xxxka dxt".

  - Parv


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