4.6-RELEASE to 6.0-RELEASE...

Kent Stewart kstewart at owt.com
Wed Jan 11 10:59:26 PST 2006

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 09:30 am, Crispy Beef wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a production server running 4.6-RELEASE and I would like to
> bring it upto date and get 6.0-RELEASE on there.  I have a rough idea
> of what needs to be done to accomplish this from reading various docs
> but it would be nice to see how smoothly it has gone for any others.

There have been major changes in processes such as threads. You also 
have to boot the 5.3 update in single user mode to have a kernel that 
accepts the new arrangement and then install the userland. Before 5.1 
or 5.2 it didn't matter much but there was an fs change that you update 
in single user mode or boot the fix disc to finish the botched update.

You also have the problem that probably none of your ports from 4.x will 
work at 6.0. This could take quite a bit of time to upgrade.

I don't think you can do src upgrade remote unless you have a serial 
console setup. I also think you are better off building new HDs and 
install them in the remote machine.


>  From what I can tell I first need to upgrade to a minimum of
> 5.3-RELEASE and then onto 6.0, so I guess doing a cvsup to the
> 5.3-RELEASE and then doing buildworld et all?  Then from there to
> same to get to 6.0?
> My main concern is the filesystem, it's been updated since 4.x?  Will
> this mess things up?
> The machine is remote so I really need to make sure this works
> without making it inaccessible.  I have a box here to trial run the
> process on so I get the steps correct first time, but thought I'd ask
> here too. :-)
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