4.6-RELEASE to 6.0-RELEASE...

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 11 09:30:21 PST 2006


I have a production server running 4.6-RELEASE and I would like to bring it 
upto date and get 6.0-RELEASE on there.  I have a rough idea of what needs to 
be done to accomplish this from reading various docs but it would be nice to 
see how smoothly it has gone for any others.

 From what I can tell I first need to upgrade to a minimum of 5.3-RELEASE and 
then onto 6.0, so I guess doing a cvsup to the 5.3-RELEASE and then doing 
buildworld et all?  Then from there to same to get to 6.0?

My main concern is the filesystem, it's been updated since 4.x?  Will this 
mess things up?

The machine is remote so I really need to make sure this works without making 
it inaccessible.  I have a box here to trial run the process on so I get the 
steps correct first time, but thought I'd ask here too. :-)

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