Create more dsp and mixer devices

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Jan 11 08:03:26 PST 2006

User Gandalf wrote:

> Thank you! I could setup the device so it can be shared between
> multiple applications. I still have a problem. gaim has ESD, Arts
> and 'Custom command' interfaces. I only have a shared dsp device
> so I need a simple command line program that can play mp3, ogg,
> wav and au files. I looked over the whole audio category here:
> but I could not find a simple program that can do this. There are 
> separate
> players for mpeg files, ogg files, wave files etc. But I could not find a
> program that can play all of them. Do you know a good program for this 
> purpose?
> Thanks,
> Les


I have no ogg nor au files, but mplayer works for *wav and *mp3 from
the CLI here....  

As Michael Lucas was just saying, we have, um, **lots** of programs.


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times, four time, five times...

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