port installation

je killen jekillen at prodigy.net
Tue Jan 10 19:34:39 PST 2006

I am trying to install apache 1.3.34. I cd to the apache13 dir and 
attempt make install and am told that apache 1.3.33 doesn't exist. I 
downloaded apache 1.3.34 and put it in the /usr/ports/distfiles dir but 
since make is looking for v 1.3.33 it doesn't see version 1.3.34. So 
What now? How wouid I tell it to use 1.3.34 instead of 1.3.33? Does it 
require ports upgrade?
What if the portupgrade utility has a different version number and when 
I try make install on it it looks for a different version (which is not 
on my system as a distfile)?
I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to learn as I go.
Thanks to who ever responds.
jekillen at prodigy.net
PS: general info I discovered on my own re configuration of X server 
with X.org (rather than xfree86):
the configuration file used to be xf86config and is now xorgconfig. I 
got some site posted data that
called the configuration process X.org -config, which it is not. It is 
just xorgconfig, virtually the same
script as the old xf86config script. I got my X server up after, as 
usual, asking stupid questions
and wasting someone's time, probably, and figuring it out my self in 
the meantime. There is some
thing magical about asking questions, even if you don't get an 
objective response; it's almost
like telepathy.

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