Spamcop listed - need help to diagnose why

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Tue Jan 10 04:14:15 PST 2006

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>> Unfortunately, jdow, since your using this setup, the spammer has
>> already successfully delivered the mail to you.  The fact that you
>> delete the spam before reading makes no difference - the spammer
>> doesen't know that and thinks they have successfully delivered it.
>No they have not. They've managed to get it onto my machine, 
>It never got delivered to ME, the organic unit here at this email

I know that and your arguing out of your hat - simply pulling statements
out of context.  You know perfectly well that the "to you" in the
sentence was to your machine, the paragraph context told you that.

Unfortunately in the spam game, it only matters if the spammer
thinks they didn't successfully deliver it to you.  And that only
happens if the machine delivering the spam gets an error when
trying to deliver it, since the spammer isn't using legitimate
senders addresses and cannot get feedback any other way.

I've never been a fan of post-filters for this reason.  For some
kinds of filtering - like content filtering for example - that
is the only way you can do it.  But I think it the height of
strangeness when SA checks blacklists and such to assign scores.
If they really cared about spamfiltering, they would use the
IP blacklists in the way they are intended - to block access
completely to the spammer, not even let them connect to the
server at all.  The mail that SA is assigning scores on based on
an IP blacklist shouldn't even be in the SA filter to begin with.

>> Denying the spam before it's even accepted into the server is a
>> much better way.  Unfortunately, a content filter means you have to
>If you can make fetchmail do that you're pretty clever, kemo sabe.

No, but I can replace the Rube Goldberg fetchmail arraingement your
using with a real mailserver that is on the Internet all the time
and can make use of blacklist servers and such.

And yes, I'm just as good at making smart-alecky comments as you
are.  Probably better at it, actually.  Do you want to knock it
off and go back to the technical merits discussion now? ;-)


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