System time suddenly changed after reboot.

Mark Ovens marko at
Tue Jan 10 03:52:02 PST 2006

Scott Ballantyne wrote:
> Running 5.3-RELEASE.
> After many years of using FreeBSD, and as many reboots or more, I had
> occasion to reboot today, and a few hours later discovered to my
> horror that the system time had suddenly been moved ahead to the year
> 2020!
> I did the best I could with the resulting mess, but I am curious if
> anyone else has seen this, or what would cause it.  This is the same
> hardware I have been running for a couple of years now, and I haven't
> changed anything in the bios or system.

I had that problem back with early versions of 5.x - up to 5.3 IIRC - 
except that it happened with 9 out of 10 reboots for me.

After weeks of trying to solve the problem it turned out to be the 
keyboard!!1 Yes, the fscking keyboard. It's a Compaq USB and I'm 
guessing that there is something non-standard about it (it won't work 
when connected to a PS/2 port via an adaptor for instance).

Don't know whether this helps you.



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