Spamcop listed - need help to diagnose why

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Mon Jan 9 08:48:15 PST 2006

From: "Danial Thom" <danial_thom at>
> --- jdow <jdow at> wrote:
>> From: "David Banning" <davidernest at>
>> > Thanks for the response, Robert.  I know tmda
>> and such services anger
>> > some people.  I also find other people who
>> ask me how they can get
>> > such a service, only because spam is so
>> difficult to block. I guess it
>> > depends on how important email is to you. I
>> would never ask a question
>> > on this board and expect people to confirm,
>> but in business I find it
>> > helpful. I compare it to the benefit vs
>> hassle of voice mail; some who
>> > must leave messages hate it, but I find both
>> voice mail and tmda
>> > services actuals stops certain types of calls
>> or email that I do not
>> > -want-.
>> I simply place tmda challenge addresses into my
>> /dev/null list and never
>> see the problem again. I treat it like spam.
>> And I consider it to be
>> spam. So "pfft" I make it gone.
>> {^_^}    Joanne
> I'm of the opposite thinking. I'd rather sort
> through a bunch of spam everyday rather than miss
> 1 important message. If I miss 1 inquiry it could
> cost me 1000s of dollars. Spam is an annoyance,
> nothing more. There is no sense cutting off your
> nose to spite your face.
> People with challenge systems crack me up. They
> wonder why they don't get their receipts when
> they order things, or why they miss important
> automated correspondence about their orders. 

Spam I sort through. With SpamAssassin scoring it's easy to find
the low scores and concentrate on them. But somebody arrogant enough
to spam me with a challenge for a message to a mailing list ends
up on my procmail /dev/null rules. (I use fetchmail to grab mail
and procmail to feed it to /var/spool/mail/<name> with stops along
the way for SpamAssassin, ClamAv, and some random cleverness.)

{^_^}    Challenges are as bad as the spam they try to prevent.

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