Spamcop listed - need help to diagnose why

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Mon Jan 9 08:14:12 PST 2006

--- jdow <jdow at> wrote:

> From: "David Banning" <davidernest at>
> > Thanks for the response, Robert.  I know tmda
> and such services anger
> > some people.  I also find other people who
> ask me how they can get
> > such a service, only because spam is so
> difficult to block. I guess it
> > depends on how important email is to you. I
> would never ask a question
> > on this board and expect people to confirm,
> but in business I find it
> > helpful. I compare it to the benefit vs
> hassle of voice mail; some who
> > must leave messages hate it, but I find both
> voice mail and tmda
> > services actuals stops certain types of calls
> or email that I do not
> > -want-.
> I simply place tmda challenge addresses into my
> /dev/null list and never
> see the problem again. I treat it like spam.
> And I consider it to be
> spam. So "pfft" I make it gone.
> {^_^}    Joanne

I'm of the opposite thinking. I'd rather sort
through a bunch of spam everyday rather than miss
1 important message. If I miss 1 inquiry it could
cost me 1000s of dollars. Spam is an annoyance,
nothing more. There is no sense cutting off your
nose to spite your face.

People with challenge systems crack me up. They
wonder why they don't get their receipts when
they order things, or why they miss important
automated correspondence about their orders. 


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