how do you install wx-config in FreeBSD?

JD Arnold jdarnold at
Sun Jan 8 17:25:37 PST 2006

bob self wrote:
> I'm running FreeBSD 6.0 and have installed
> wxgtk2-2.6.2_1 and wxgtk2-common-2.6.2.
> VLC runs fine so I know that wxwidges is installed correctly. But I want 
> to install the wxsamples
> and compile them. I copied wxsamples manually and try to compile using a 
> script from an older
> freebsd system but it wants wx-config and I can't find out how to get 
> that installed using the
> ports. Which port would include that?

wx-config is in the wxWidgets port, only it is named using the version
of wxgtk:


I guess maybe they don't want to overwrite any existing wx-config, but I
suppose it would be nice if the port installer checked for it, and if it
didn't exist, create it using a link. You should do that (as root):

# cd /usr/X11R6/bin
# ln wx-gtk2-2.6-config wx-config

You can find out whether it got intalled by the wxgtk port by using 

# pkg_info -xL wxgtk | grep bin

would should show where the -config and the wxrc got installed.

BTW, I talk about the pkg_info option in a recent post on my blog. Thanks
to Dru from for showing me this very cool option, something I've
always wondered about, as sometimes it can be very mysterious as to what and
where a port might install stuff.

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