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lars lars at
Sun Jan 8 14:44:34 PST 2006

Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> wrote:
> Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> >Not sure who best to send this to, but figured I'd send it publicly to 
> >see also if others think this idea might have merit ...
> >
> >Basically, I'm just about to take possession of my first HP server ... 
> >my biggest 'fear' is that HP doesn't support FreeBSD, but from posts 
> >I've seen here, that shouldn't be a problem ... what I'd love to see is 
> >a 'vendor specific' mailing list where ppl can more easily tap others 
> >brains for their experiences ... a "FreeBSD user support group for 
> >{IBM,HP,Dell} servers", that a FreeBSD user can turn to knowing that 
> >others on that list are using "their vendor of choice" for their servers 
> >...
> FreeBSD attempts to support all reasonably functional hardware; there isn't 
> a great deal of difference between a Dell and an HP except for which RAID 
> system and NIC they come with.
> You might find that mentioning the specific model you have would produce 
> more useful feedback.  You might also find asking the freebsd-isp list 
> would produce responses more oriented towards people rackrounting and using 
> LOM/remote management tools...
And then there's also the FreeBSD ProLiant mailing list:

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