multi port modem cards for FreeBSD

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Jan 8 06:56:24 PST 2006

> I will install a fax server using hylafax on FreeBSD. This fax server must 
> handle at least 8 fax-modem attached to it. For this I think I need a serial 
> port multiplier or PCI based fax-modem cards which has at least 8 ports 
> fax-modem chip. For FreeBSD 6.0 which hardware do I have to use for not 
> having any driver specific problems. Can you recommend me one that works with 
> hylafax and FreeBSD? 
> Any suggestions?

cheap multiport PCI cards works fine, at least for me (i have TITAN 800H).

you may consider buying USB-RS232 or USB-doubleRS232 converters, or even 
better - USB modems.

make sure your USB modem is "Hayes compatible" which simply means that 
behaves like serial modem with AT* commands

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