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Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Sat Jan 7 22:45:48 PST 2006

Not sure who best to send this to, but figured I'd send it publicly to see 
also if others think this idea might have merit ...

Basically, I'm just about to take possession of my first HP server ... my 
biggest 'fear' is that HP doesn't support FreeBSD, but from posts I've 
seen here, that shouldn't be a problem ... what I'd love to see is a 
'vendor specific' mailing list where ppl can more easily tap others brains 
for their experiences ... a "FreeBSD user support group for {IBM,HP,Dell} 
servers", that a FreeBSD user can turn to knowing that others on that list 
are using "their vendor of choice" for their servers ...

Its hard to post to -questions, with the amount of volume that is in 
there, and keep track of things ... I'd like to be able to post about 
experiences with IFO, for instance, and how others running FreeBSD are 
avoiding (if they are?) using Windows for server monitoring, stuff like 
that ...

Its not a "-stable vs -current" sort of thing ... nor an "-amd vs -i386" 
one ... its experiences with a specific server vendor ...

Might be a good way of getting together groups of FreeBSDers looking to 
'pressure' their various vendors-of-choice into supporting FreeBSD better 
also ...

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