Sparc vs i386 architecture

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Sat Jan 7 20:51:26 PST 2006

What machine code exploits currently exist for FreeBSD on the i386
other than the F00F bug, which has already been patched out?
I wasn't aware of any.


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>Subject: Sparc vs i386 architecture
>Hi group, I was just wondering if there's an advantage to
>running FreeBSD on
>a SPARC than compared with a regular PC. Obviously the architecture is
>different (CISC vs RISC). How ever you can purchase a higher
>powered PC box
>for less money than it would cost for a SPARC.
>The main advantage I'm seeing here is for security. It's going
>to be harder
>to break into a SPARC running FreeBSD than an Intel/Amd running
>FreeBSD b/c
>most machine code exploits will be for the i386 type architecture.
>Any insights are much appreciated.
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>> On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 03:47, jasonharback wrote:
>> > Here's the situation
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > The machine is a SUN ULTRA 5 and I have 4 IDE devices. I am
>new to SUN
>hardware I know much more about PC's.  The first device primary
>master is
>the cdrom which Solaris 10 and FreeBSD were successfully installed from.
>Currently Solaris 10 which is the primary slave is the default
>boot device.
>FreeBSD is installed on the primary slave drive.  I am used to
>the FreeBSD
>install on a PC and during that install it gave time for configuring the
>boot loader but I can't find it on the recent Sparc FreeBSD
>edition?  During
>the partition process it says I will have the option to
>configure the boot
>loader latter.  Right now I can't boot FreeBSD and I have no idea how to
>configure this machine to make it dual boot?  I would like to
>have Solaris
>10 as the primary O/S, FreeBSD as the secondary and Sparc Linux
>on the third
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Can you please help?
>> >
>> > Jason Harback
>> Jason,
>> You don't need to use a boot loader with the U5, just boot to
>the promt
>> (Stop A). Then just type boot followed by the alias of the slice you
>> want to boot.
>> Rob
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